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Biofield ViewerTM  is an internationally recognized biofield imaging system and is at the forefront of research investigating the efficacy of energy medicine modalities, devices and electromagnetic field shielding and enhancement technologies. The first study conducted to assess the effects of an intervention screened all the participants in the study with the Biofield Viewer at intervals throughout so that this intervention could be assessed statistically and yet from an energetic biofield perspective.

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our vision

Our Vision is to integrate proven knowledge about biofield science into the mainstream. Biofield Viewer contributes by identifying energetic imbalances that may signal the onset of disease before other bio-chemical parameters the Biofield Viewer also identifies imbalances that may be the root cause of physical disease. Further study will prove a more holistic integrated vision of the human being and this will empower preventative and non-invasive community screening.


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Who we are?

Biofield Viewer has been developed by an international team of scientists imaging experts and computer programmers. For further information, please visit our about us section. To see the Biofield Viewer in action and presented by its inventors, please visit our video & image gallery. Other research projects around the world include one conducted by Bryan Daley & Sergey Sorin, noted surgeons from New York and their studies with astral projection.


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What is Biofield?

The Biofield Viewer is a live imaging system which reveals the subtle anatomy and physiology of the human body. Traditionally known as the “aura” and now scientifically identified as the human biofield. [Rubik, 2004]

Over the last 20 years, pioneers have published a great deal of information about this anatomy and physiology and the important role of biofield therapies [Anderson JG, 2011]

in the future of healthcare. The Biofield Viewer is an imaging system which accentuates the gradation of light intensity or luminosity in a standard lighting environment. This allows interference between an individual’s biofield and this environment to be observed and monitored. The developers of the Biofield Viewer have decades of experience in this field both in the software development needed to power this innovation and in clinical applications, research and training.

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Issues Evaluated

  • Chakra Analysis
  • Analysis of Physical & Psychological State
  • Focal Points
  • Symmetry and Patterns
  • Definition of colour banding
  • Any blockages or leaks
  • Environmental influences
  • Attachments and spirit guides
  • Clarity of colours
  • Intersections of colour bands

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The Biofield Viewer has been developed in a research partnership with Dr. Thornton Streeter, Founder, Centre for Biofield Sciences & John Catchpole, Founder, Hugeaura. Since 1998 the Centre for Biofield Sciences has been researching the human biofield with an international array of sensitive technologies. Please visit for further information. John Catchpole is the original programmer of biofield imaging in Windows and has also gained an international reputation in 3D Programming and was on the pioneering team which developed the 3D system in the Apple series of phones & iPads. Kimberly Schipke a noted American Scientist with a background in biomedical engineering strengthens the training, interpretation and research potential with a well-honed scientific vigor.

The team has headquarters based at the World Peace Centre in Pune, India. The software development team is based in Thailand and the training and marketing teams are based in Panjim (Goa,India), Devon (UK), Loveland (Colorado, USA). Please see Contact-Us section for further details.

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I have been using the Biofield Viewer since August and finding it useful. I like the high resolution, and the Auramancy 3D function to discern more subtle energies. I use it as a screening tool for health issues in the traditional manner, but also in energy work to image changes. Students find it wonderfully validating. I also use it to image energy fields of crystals. I was just at the Monroe Institute in Virginia where we do consciousness research. They have the 2 largest quartz crystals in the world, one is 23 tons and 8 feet tall.  A group of us spent some time energizing it, and the people involved had brilliant energy and huge chakras. Will try to send some pics. Thornton has large numbers of the traditional pictures, I will send some energy stuff for your perusal. Let me know how I may help.

Brian Dailey M.D., FACEP, FACFE