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Thornton Streeter DSc. is founder of the Centre for Biofield Sciences, now based in Panaji in our own research centre after 18 years at the UNESCO, MIT, World Peace Centre, to investigate the anatomy and physiology of the human biofield.

He is also founder of the Energy Medicine Exchange, a global community of over 40,000 health professionals, and welcomes any health professional and well-wisher to join our Facebook group!

The Centre for Biofield Sciences has conducted a large number of pioneering research projects including collaboration with other institutes such as the Kundalini Research Foundation in 2015 and in industry with a number of peer reviewed research studies, a selection of which can be viewed on line at

 Since 2012 Dr Streeter has collaborated with John Catchpole to develop a subtle energy imaging system, the Biofield Viewer.

Biofield Viewer is a digital imaging system that reveals light interference patterns between a controlled lighting environment and the human biofield, reveal a great amount of important detail.

 Biofield Viewer allows healers to investigate, monitor and improve their treatment protocols

 With Chakra Viewer and the 3D Biofield program, Biofield Viewer gives three levels of Digital Clairvoyance.

 The team that has developed the Biofield Viewer have got over 25 years experience working with biofield imaging devices and John Catchpole, famous for helping to develop the 3D chip in all Apple products, is also credited with writing the code for the first biofield imaging device.

 We have come a long way since then and the Biofield Viewer now allows the holistic practitioner to witness changes in the chakras live and in full colour as they respond to the healer interactions.

 As the scientific community understands more about energy medicine the limitations of the current research paradigm become apparent. Over the last decade new techniques for evaluating the efficacy of energy therapies have been developed, which involve mapping certain physical and etheric structures of the human being and reveal the anatomy and physiology of the human biofield. The material presented in this review reveals compelling evidence that support the efficacy of the energetic approach to healthcare.

 The human biofield and the physical structures that support it have been thoroughly mapped in a global research effort and much of this has been published in peer-reviewed journals. The following anatomical features and their corresponding physiology will be introduced and research referenced:

 The Primo Vascular System/Meridian/Nadi System, the Sanals, the acu-points, the chakras, the biofield layers, the Assemblage Point, the Silver Thread/Cord, the three Tiens, bio-plasma and bio-photonic emissions.

 We have had to develop a new language to describe what we experience when viewing the biofield. Chakras for example can be blocked with sluggish congested energy. To speak of this as a ‘blockage’ though may well be inappropriate as the ‘blockage’ may in fact be a device created by the subject to protect them from something worse. This is why we call blockages in the biofield ‘shielding’ and ‘leaking’ energy we call ‘venting’. Much time has been spent imaging the chakras of individuals in different states of health. This is in order to create an Atlas of Disease States, which will enable practitioners in the future to recognise patterns of the onset of diseases from a database to pro-actively engage in community-based preventative medicine.

 The innermost layer of the biofield is known as the etheric layer. Our new device the 3D Biofield Viewer makes this field visible so researchers can track even the smallest vents of bio-photons, which is a sign of impending issues.

 On the journey into exploring the human biofield a number of devices were soon calibrated as the front line investigation process. Reliability and repeatability, a high degree of concurrence and data for statistical analysis were important criteria in their selection. Many devices were tested and did not make this grade, here today we will examine the tools that did make it, and have now opened a new front in medical research and understanding.

 Details for our Biofield Viewer workshop

 Biofield and Aura anatomy and physiology- the common link for all healing with the Biofield Viewer. Training course and certification includes:

How to take Biofield Viewer images

How to interpret Biofield Viewer images

 The Biofield Viewer is a real-time imaging system that is able to detect and visualize the subtle layers of electromagnetic (EM) activity around living systems. The technology is a research tool, which allows this EM activity to be monitored and studied for optimizing energy treatment protocols and investigating the human biofield. In Biofield Viewer mode, the software focuses on the energy interference patterns at the body’s surface and in the atmosphere around the body.

Chakra Viewer mode focuses attention at the areas associated with the chakras by diffusing the fine detail. 3D Biofield mode produces images of the etheric field in three dimensions and complements Kirlian photography. This software, however, surpasses the electrographic process by removing the need for a charged plate which liberates the view of the etheric layer and users can watch changes in real-time.

 Chakra Viewer mode is a significant scientific discovery as energy centers known as the human chakras have been referenced to for thousands of years.

 Taking a set of images is a fast, easy, and non-invasive process. The software and the screening environment are designed to facilitate the alignment and comparability of images taken after different interventions. The software allows a centerline to be used to help analyze symmetry. The camera has remote capabilities to allow the operator to be in a separate room during imaging to increase privacy and to fine tune camera adjustments.

 Delegates are ‘Research Fellows’ and entitled access to information and facilities at the Centre for Biofield Sciences (CBS) for the year and a research guide is available to facilitate continuing education.

 After 25 years of working with technology that reveals the human biofield the Centre for Biofield Sciences, has taken the possibilities for a quantum leap. In fact the first electrographic images were taken 50 years before Semyon Kirlian popularized his way to image the etheric layer of the human biofield. 3D Biofield liberates imaging of the etheric body from the 2D Kirlian plate so that it can be imaged in full body detail.


 Marla l I am extremely excited that this technology is available for energy medicine practitioners. In my view this is a phenomenal breakthrough in both technology and healing. The Biofield and Chakra Viewing system makes it possible to see negative dis-ease forming energy patterns before the physical disease and symptoms manifest in the physical body. The first time that I saw what the Biofield and Chakra Viewing System can do, it was an overwhelming feeling of joy for me. This is my passion. I have had the dream that one day this magnificent technology would become available in the future and now the time has arrived. In my view, a Nobel Prize in medicine is in order for the team who made biofield and chakra viewing system to be a reality!

Alison C What a fantastic tool! seeing is believing

John F This technology is the future of Energy Medicine. We all owe a huge debt to Thornton Streeter and colleagues for making these technologies available to us now........

Sharique Z Its a wonderful device for physicians, therapists, spiritual healers and there are much more utilities.

Patrick R I see this as exceptionally useful in the future diagnosis of PTSD sufferers.


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Dr. Thornton Streeter DSc. is the official representative for the All India Shah Behram Baug Society (AISBBS) to the United Nations (ECOSOC). 

He is founding Director of the Centre for Biofield Sciences. (,

 Faculty head of the Zoroastrian College section of Human biofield research. Since 2004 I have been appointed as a student thesis guide.

Doctor of Science, Mumbai, India.

2006 Program Committee for All India Institute of Medical Sciences and Indian Institute of Technology ‘s National Seminar on Scientific validation and Technical evaluation of Ancient Medical Systems.

2007 Advisory Board, Uniting Technologies USA.

2007Advisory Board BodyTalk International USA

2008 Visiting Lecturer Medical School, St George’s University, Grenada.

2002 -2007 Visiting Lecturer at Westminster University, Department of Integrated Medicine, London UK

2008 he serves on the Board of Directors of the North American Academy of Energy Medicine (NAAcEM)

2010 Appointed official representative to UN for AISBBS.

2011 Appointed Asian Resource Coordinator for FAIM.

2012 Founder of the Energy Medicine Exchange.

2015 ACEP Keynote Washington

2016 AMT Keynote Eastbourne.

Since 2002 he has delivered keynote lectures on Biofield Science.


Co-organizer of the 1st 2nd and 3rd Bioenergy Devices Conference at California Institute for Human Science 2010 and 2011 (




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As the co-developer of Biofield Viewer Imaging he conducts training courses globally. Guide to over 2000 students in UK, USA, Mexico, Taiwan, South Africa, Costa Rica, India, France, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand Denmark, Norway and Sweden.


Most Biofield Viewer training is now conducted live online -if you are interested in learning about the biofield and our new Biofield Viewer 5 Live system 

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Published papers and book chapters.



Presented Papers at Exeter Universities Department of Complementary Studies international conferences chaired by Edzard Ernst and had both Abstracts published in the peer reviewed Journal: Focus on Alternative and Complementary Medicine, (FACT).

His first paper was delivered and published at the 11th Annual Symposium on Complementary Health Care, University of Exeter, UK, and November 2004.


A pilot correlation analysis between 4-energy field scanning devices and conscious perception of bodily issues. Follow up analysis and comparison between Biofield imaging and GDV

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Anatomy and Physiology of the human biofield: Training in Biofield viewer Imaging.

"O Ponto de Mutação de Doenças Energéticas em Doenças Sintomáticas" in Pontos do Mutação na Saúde published in Brazil September of 2011


We hold the ISO Number: 13485:2003 MD-QMS