Past and Upcoming Biofield Science and Biofield Viewer Events

Events in 2017


Jan 27 Biofield lab opening Jaipur College of Engineering.

Jan 28-29 Journey into the Chakras, Prita Anand,  Chandigarh

Biofield  events in Panjim, India


Journey into the Chakras Biofield event in Panjim, India

 Feb 10-28 Research project in Wai Kambas National Park (Sumatra) and an Orangutan/Sun Bear Sanctuary (Borneo)

with Linking Awareness

Popping the Bubble of Doubt


Australia Biofield Viewer Training Tour with 5 events in Sydney, Brisbane, Varsity Lakes, Byron Bay and Maroochydore


 April 14th Journey into the Chakras and Biofield taining event at the Theosophical Society in Glasgow, Scotland

27th April Spiritual technologies Conference 2.0


May 5-7th Keynote Presented at the International Reflexology Conference in Lausanne, Switzerland

May 13th-14th Presented at the World Animal Energy Healing Conference in Manchester, UK

May 20th Journey into the Chakras, Biofield Immersive event in Brooklyn, New York


June 17th Journey into the Chakras, Biofield Viewer Workshop event in Chicago, Illinois

Keynote at the Energy Healing Conference in Ogden, Utah

Biofield event at the California Institute for Human Science in Encinitas, California


September 23rd Keynote at the Energy Healing Conference in St. George, Utah. 


 Journey into the Chakras, Biofield Viewer Workshop events in Boulder and Louisville with Life Alignment team

EME online Webinar Biofield

 November 18th Biofield Viewer Immersive, University of London

 Events in 2018


Jan 21st Biofield Viewer Immersive, Panaji CBS HQ

Jan 26th-28th Quantum Energy Medicine Congress, Pyramid Valley, Bangalore, India

January 24th Light News Radio


Febuary 1-3rd International Vedic Science Conference, Hosur India

Feb 17th TedX at SREC Hyderabad, India.

Feb 25th  Biofield Viewer Immersive, Panaji CBS HQ


March 11 Energy Medicine Revolution

March 25   Biofield Viewer Immersive, Panaji CBS HQ

March 29th International Autism Conference, Chiang Mai, Thailand.


April 14th Biofield Viewer Immersive, Aberdeen Scotland

April 21st   Keynote presentation at Sophia, Bulgaria

April 23-27th Keynote presentation at Energy Medicine & Healing Summit, hosted by  The Shift Network


May 12-14 Animal World Healing Conference, Manchester, UK

May 20th Biofield Science Workshop, University of London

May 25-7 !0th European Reflexology Congress, Fatima, Portugal

TBA Speaker at Transformational Sound Therapy, online conference.


June 5th Biofield Viewer Immersive, Denver, Colorado.


September 6-9th   ISSSEEM Keynote, Unity Campus, Missouri.