Ticket for Biofield Science; research at the leading edge of healthcare

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Explore science of healing
Learn to image and read the human biofield
Experience the leading edge of non-invasive screening
Join the likes of Tony Robbins, our biggest client in 2018 in pioneering evidence based transformation

The human biofield is the commonality for all healing modalities -recent research sheds light on this field and its significance for professional practitioners. The opportunity to monitor the progress of our treatment protocol and in due course optimize these protocols is now within reach.

Dr Thornton Streeter is a biofield research scientist with over thirty years experience in the field. He is the Developer of the Biofield Viewer, a live imaging system that reveals the anatomy and physiology of the human bio-energy field and has been on the development team of the Multiscan for over a decade.

We will demonstrate the Biofield Viewer and Multiscan and scan all the workshop participants. The participants will then form research groups, using their unique techniques. The results themselves are mind expanding and reassuring!

The Multiscan is a state of the art full body screening device that complements the Biofield Viewer as it is also non invasive and therefore safe for preventative screening -together they give us an opportunity to navigate the leading edge of wellness and vitality. Multiscan gives a full body functional assesment with 3d modeling within five minutes. Some of the features in Multiscan are as follows:
• Medical Screening Analyzer including cardio scores/Physiological scores/ Lifestyle scores, Life tissue 3D modeling.
• Bioimpedance and 3D Body composition(Fat mass ,Muscular mass, TBW)
• Galvanic skin response assessment
• Extended ANS assessment(sympathetic /parasympathetic system activity)
• Digital pulse wave analysis and hemo-dynamic indicators
• Diet information adviser

The aim of this workshop is to lead the participants into the new world of real time evidence based healing.