Journey into the Chakras


Journey with us though 20 years of research, mapping the anatomy and physiology of the human Biofield, the healing interface for energy medicine modalities


It is a great pleasure to be invited to speak with you here in Switzerland. I have spent the last 25 years studying subtle energy and the effects of energy medicine and gain great pleasure sharing and learning with other colleagues around the world.

Our Centre for Biofield Sciences has conducted clinical research with an array of sensitive devices to map the anatomy and physiology of what we now call since 2002 the human biofield.


We have had a base for the last 20 years at the UNESCO World Peace Centre on MIT’s huge campus in Pune India. We have over 65,000 students all all the facilities we could ever need for gold standard research. Recently we have moved our research to our own research library in Panaji, Goa India a new global centre for holistic health and yoga.


We are proud to represent the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine ( in our global efforts to spread health choice.


In my journey I have been mentored by several important pioneers in our field and salute Meher Master Moos, Kimberly Schipke, John Catchpole, James Oschman, Beverly Rubik, Bruce Lipton, Donna Eden,Valarie Hunt, Konstantine Korotkov and many more.


The roots of this presentation can be seen when we visit the Museum and see the countless objects of art with certain characters illuminated with a vibrant aura or halo. In modern medicine we do not see these features either reproduced, valued or integrated into the full understanding of the physical body.


Many years ago scientists had a delicate time with the then powerful Church they were allowed to study astronomy and bio-chemistry but discouraged from investigating the spirit consciousness or entities as these were the purvey of the ministers and exorcists within the Church


So now we have an important problem that young modern medics are taught that an important aspect of healthcare is considered taboo or even pseudoscience. Modern efforts to correct this have been made and that is the basis of this presentation.


These ancient medicial maps are a great source to frame our new investigations of the biofield. This image of a yogi clearly showing a line of flower like chakras tells us that each chakras is a transponder responsible for a specific range of frequencies within the spectrum that the human field broadcasts and receives information.


We have an human atmosphere in the same way our planets have atmospheres with distinct interpenetrating layers –we can measure these layers with devices with different sensitivity ranges and we can learn a new strategy for preventative and therefore sustainable medicine.


Addressing the integration of biochemistry and biophysics we are lucky such great artists as Alex Gray have produced images such as those of his ‘Sacred Mirrors’ that take us through the physical layers of the body seamlessly into the energetic aspects –the layers that make up the human biofield.


When we image an orange we have different approaches at our disposal thanks to modern medical techniques we can see within and without the fruit. We can se the segments, the seeds and the bio-plasmic field.


How we prepare, store and grow our food is most important and the lessons we learn from a thorough investigation will revolution agriculture and food distribution.


In fact the electro magnetic spectrum reveals the frequency ranges where we currently measure bodily functions –in our new field we explore the thermal range and the visible spectrum as well as micro voltage at the skins surface. Valarie Hunt was an early pioneer in this field and her work at UCLA even guides us today. Her focus was on developing an Aura camera and a device for measuring the changes at the chakras during healing and meditation sessions.


Thanks to Fritz Albert Popp and his Biophysics Institute we have a much better understanding of the process of bio-photonic emissions from living systems and a number of different researchers are developing bio photonic imaging systems. Here we see the leaking bio-photons at the fingertips of a heavy smoker. This inspires a new understanding of the role of bio-photons and biofields, best exemplified with a candle.


Many modern approaches to measuring the biofield involve stimulating the bioplasma so that becomes visible, just like the gas in a tubelight. The patterns and nature of these emissions reveal an individuals health trajectory well before any conditons shows up in the blood work or with a diagnosis. Even Reflexologists are tuning into this bioplasma as they direct their attention and care. Kirlian images were first taken in the 1940’s and contribute to biofield science by imaging this specific layer, often known as the body double or blue print.


Our Biofield Viewer system allows us to view the biofield and the bioplasmic emissions in a new way without having to stimulate to make them visible. So we see them in a natural state and are not limited to a very small charging plate. Several of the devices we have used in all of our studies such as Gas Discharge Visualisation and the new Bio Well adhere to the original Kirlian electrographic technique.


Further the Biofield Viewer allows us to see the interference patterns that occur when the biofield interacts with our standard environment. We can see the roots of emotional imbalances as these are rooted in the field and not in the body and we can value the functionality of the chakras, which are clearly visible in Chakra mode of the Biofield Viewer system.


As I mentioned Valarie Hunt had measured the Chakras at UCLA, we have reproduced this work with the Kundalini Research Foundation and a new device called the Biofield Meter, an adapted siesemograph. We studied as a Rishi experienced in Kundalini Yoga demonstrated his ability to activate each chakra at will and on demand.


The acupuncture meridians are an integral aspect of Reflexology and Biofield science. We are excited to share important new research that has been conducted around the world that perhaps reveals the meridians of oriental medicine and the nadis of Vedic Science as the Primo Vascular System. In other words these long ridiculed ‘energy channels’ are in fact physical yet minute vessels. We commend Soh’s team in South Korea.


The Ying Yang can been seen not just a symbol for ‘balance’ but also a cartoon of a 3 dimensional torsion field. Torsion is important and has been overlooked exept perhaps by Shaman and this is revealed in the tradition of assessing the pitch and yaw of the Assemblage Point. This thought leads us nicely into a discussion of the dimensions that underpin our reality and the mysterious lenses, our Chakras that sustain our place in this reality.

So now we go on a journey into the Chakras!


Now we explore our new device the Biofield Viewer, a tool for sustainable medicine as we can screen our community and pre-pone diagnosis to develop individual preventative healthcare.


We also introduce the MultiScan and Medical Thermal Imaging to provide a suite of non invasive devices to serve the practitioner with safe solutions to promote their healing practice and ultimately global health choice.


If we ignore the need of the hour and continue to separate the healthcare paradigms we will not be serving our national needs


In these cases we see how entities when unobserved can play havoc with modern diagnosis and treatment.


  1. Journey into the Chakras Kimberly Schipke M.S. Thornton Streeter DSc. Centre for Biofield Sciences
  2. Hats
  3. Our research facility at the UNESCO Chair World Peace Centre since 1998 MIT - Pune
  4. CBS New HQ in Panaji, Goa.
  5. The Earth’s Atmosphere and the atmosphere of the human body –the Biofield
  6. Body Biofield
  7. Kirlian Apple, fresh and microwaved
  8. Nuclear Medicine
  9. Living systems emit bio-photons BIOPHOTONS “we are light beings” Einstein Gurvich, Fritz Albert Popp Ultra weak photon emissions emitted by all living systems Biophotonic emissions from the hand Choi et al 2004
  10. 3D Biofield Viewer Imaging
  11. Monitoring of State
  12. Chakras – Energy Centres • Spinning vortices • Transformers of energy • Detection • Motoyama, Changes in field in space around the body V Hunt P, Mawson, Electrodes attached to skin - GSR Streeter, Catchpole, Chakra Viewer live 3D imaging
  13. Valerie Hunt UCLA 1970’s
  14. Data collection
  15. Chakra data collection
  16. Kundalini activated
  17. The Assemblage Point
  18. The Dan Tians
  19. The Meridians- ‘Energy Channels’ or physical structures
  20. Acuvision-04
  21. light sonopuncture 250 msec 7  sec 0.250 sec 0.000007 sec Vision points bladder meridian Professor Joie Jones University of California Irvine Sonopuncture is indistinguishable from needling. Two orders of magnitude faster than any known biological process.
  22. Acupuncture Meridians Bonghan Ducts Primo Vascular System
  23. Primo Vascular – Surface of Organs • Lee BC, Park ES, Nam TJ, Johng HM, Baik KY, Sung B, Yoon YS, Soh KS. 2004b. Bonghan ducts on the surface of rat internal organs. J Int Soc Life Info Sci. 22:455-459. • Lee KJ, Kim S, Jung TE, Jin D, Kim DH, Kim HW. 2004. Unique duct system and the sorpuscle-like structures found on the surface of the liver. J Int Soc Life Info Sci. 22:460-462. • Shin HS, Johng HM, Lee BC, Cho S Soh KS, Baik KY, Yoo JS, Soh KS. 2005. Feulgen reaction study of novel thread-like structures (Bonghan ducts) on the surface of mammalian organs. Anat Rec. 284B:35-40.
  24. Primo Vascular - Intravascular Lee BC, Baik KY, Johng HM, Nam T J, Lee J, Sung B, Choi C, Park WH, Park ES, Park DH, Yoon YS, Soh KS. 2004a. Acridine orange staining method to reveal the characteristic features of an intravascular threadlike structure. Anat Rec 278B:27-30
  25. Primo Vascular Intravascular
  26. Primo Vascular Scanning Electron Microscope SEM
  27. Perspective
  28. 1st Dimension • Element Earth • Geometry Point • Chakra Base • Anger/fear • Flight or Fight • Unconscious • The Potential world
  29. 2nd Dimension • Element Water • Geometry the line • Chakra Naval, Hara • Pleasure, sexual energy • Relationships • Subconscious • The Emerging world
  30. 3rd dimension • Element Fire • Space • Solar Plexus • Willpower • Self awareness • Pre-conscious • The Material World
  31. 4th dimension • Air • Time • Heart • Love • Sharing • Conscious • The Magical World
  32. 5th Dimension • Aether • Space/Time • Throat • Truth • Tendency communication • Super Conscious • The Miraculous World
  33. 6th Dimension • Element Chi/Prana • Geometry Space/Time • Chakra Brow • Insight • Intuition • Hyper Conscious • The Psychic World
  34. 7th Dimension • Element Vacuum/Void • Geometry Cosmic • Chakra Crown • Ecstacy • Atonement • Christ Conscious • The Divine World
  35. Biofield Viewer 3.0 Image Processing with Image J
  36. Biofield Viewer
  37. Biofield viewer images matched to show anterior and posterior montage in Chakra Viewer mode. Notice the pooling of sluggish energy seen in dark pink and reds Chakra Viewer
  38. Chakra Viewer
  39. Chakra Viewer
  40. Chakra Viewer
  41. Approved accessories LOGITECH c920 HUSKY 5ft 2500 Lumen LED Work Light
  42. Biofield Viewer environment baseline
  43. A day we will never forget, we were amazed to see this portal open as a mother says goodbye to her loving and caring son. Keen to see her biofield, this was one of the last things she ever did and in so doing, left us hope.
  44. Live healing session with Biofield Viewer
  45. 3D Biofield
  46. Image analysis with Image J
  47. Repeatability: 3 separate scans on 3 days a week apart
  48. Biofield Viewer showing healing live
  49. General Metabolic Indicators
  50. Brain Indicators
  51. Cardiovascular system Indicators
  52. Hormonal Indicators
  53. Digestive System Indicators
  54. Chiropractor Indicators and monitoring treatment
  55. Patent Pending. ©2010. All Rights Reserved
  56. Inflamed knee sequenced every 5 minutes for 30 minutes with medical thermal imaging. SHOW your patients that your treatment is effective and monitor its progress! Image courtesy of Dr. Carol Chandler of My Life Imaging
  57. Chi gong master increasing the temperature of the palms of her hands within seconds In the literature, one degree is considered a “significant” shift in temperature. In this case, ΔTAVG = 1.13
  58. Heart Dis-ease In a state of stress, the arteries constrict and redirect blood from the skin, abdominal organs, and the kidneys. A cooling pattern appears on the skin and an adaptive thickening of the skin (insulation) in that area occurs as with myocardial infarction. A cooler asymmetry may also be observed on the back of the heart. Images courtesy of Dr. Carol Chandler of My Life Imaging
  59. Estimation based on 30 doublings at a 90-100 day doubling time, or approximately 8 years. 90 days 2 cells 1 year 6 cells 2 years 256 cells 3 years 4,896 cells 4 years 65,536 cells 5 years 1,048,576 cells 6 years 16, 777,216 cells 7 years 268,435,456 cells 8 years 4,294,967,296 cells “Clinical detection currently occurs at most only the last 25% of the growth history of a tumor” Mammography you have to wait until it’s visible by the human eye… Reference: Cancer Growth: Implications for Medicine and Malpractice. Michael Retsky, Ph.D.
  60. Angiogenesis When the tumor grows larger than a few cubic millimeters, it outstrips the host blood supply and must induce the formation of new vessels. Reference: Jain, RK. Barriers to drug delivery in solid tumors. Sci Am. 1994; 271:58-65 Image courtesy of Dr. Carol Chandler of My Life Imaging
  61. Diabetes Early stages of diabetes is associated with vascular dysfunction and poor circulation in the extremities. The “red glove” is an early indicator for diabetes. Later stages are seen as a “blue glove” from the resulting nerve damage from excess blood volume.
  62. Spirits and entities
  63. Thank you


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