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Integrating Biofield Imaging technology with Non Invasive Full Body Screening

Healers and Healees can observe their healing live

We are always improving the abilities of the Biofield Viewer to reveal more detailed imaging of  the bio-plasmic and bio-photonic  emissions from living systems. We welcome holistic researchers to join our global team, all training and support is free with purchase.

For over 30 years John Catchpole and Dr Thornton Streeter have been developing the Biofield Viewer and perfecting the interpretation training to optimise its applications. This has been supported by the Centre for Biofield Sciences who have tested the technology and published a number of significant research papers 

I am extremely excited that this technology is available for energy medicine practitioners. In my view this is a phenomenal breakthrough in both technology and healing. The Biofield and Chakra Viewing system makes it possible to see negative dis-ease forming energy patterns before the physical disease and symptoms manifest in the physical body. The first time that I saw what the Biofield and Chakra Viewing System can do, it was an overwhelming feeling of joy for me. This is my passion. I have had the dream that one day this magnificent technology would become available in the future and now the time has arrived. In my view, a Nobel Prize in medicine is in order for the team who made biofield and chakra viewing system to be a reality!

Marla L. 

What a fantastic tool! seeing is believing!

Alison C.

This technology is the future of Energy Medicine. We all owe a huge debt to Thornton Streeter and colleagues for making these technologies available to us now.

John F. 

 Its a wonderful device for physicians, therapists, spiritual healers and there are much more utilities.

Sharique Z.

Biofield Viewer 5.0

Stringent inspections help maintain high standards at the Biofield Viewer research and development facilities. The manufacture of our Biofield Viewer system is supported by a totally new platform of non linear programming. 

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The Biofield Viewer is a real-time imaging system that is able to detect and visualize the subtle layers of electromagnetic (EM) activity around living systems.


Linking Awareness Project

Biofield Viewer 5 Live

Witness the phase shift that happens with an individual's biofield when a healer is holding space for their healing

Biofield Viewer allows healers to investigate, monitor and improve their treatment protocols

Biofield Viewer now allows the holistic practitioner to witness changes in the chakras live and in full colour as they respond to the healer interactions.This biofieldback enhances the receptivity to the healees.

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The new frontier in health care: Biofield Science TEDxSREC

Energy Medicine Multiversity

This is a community of energy medicine professionals and well-wishers who support a wider integration of EM modalities into the mainstream. We share a passion for self-healing, working with clients, and charting steps and events for this passion to thrive!

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Biofield Viewer is a digital software imaging system that adds qualities to a camera much like a filter to a microscope.